How To Choose a Good Sofa Bed

sofa bed

You can transform any room into a good visitor room by outfitting it with the best sofa bed. A sofa bed by any name – sleeper, sleeper sofa, rest sofa – is one of the most flexible and multifunctional household items you could possess. It has made some fantastic progress from being the embarrassing, sleep deprivation initiating bad dream it used to be. Some couch beds are even as good as an ordinary bed.

When looking for a sofa bed, it assists with recollecting that it will be utilized as seating a lot. In this way, it bodes very well to search for similar highlights you would in a standard sofa, for example, a plan that meets your requirements and style preferences. The main distinction is that you will be searching for a good sleeping cushion and effective working component too.

Search For a Good Hardwood Frame

The most grounded and most strong casings for a sofa, including sofa beds, are those made of furnace dried hardwood or a blend of kiln-dried hardwood and furniture-grade compressed wood. Abstain from purchasing sofas made of gentler woods, for example, pine.

Search For a Top-Quality Open and Close Mechanism

The components in a decent sleeper sofa should lift up and out in one smooth movement without noise. Search for units planned with a lock-down bar to guarantee a legitimate conclusion just as a simple opening. Assess very cautiously to ensure the opening system is assembled very well, and parts won’t loosen up or come no problem.

Feel for Smooth Edges on All Inner Mechanisms

All pieces of a sofa bed’s internal system should have smooth edges with the goal that sheets and slipcovers don’t tangle or catch and tear, therefore. At the point when you are utilizing a sofa bed in your own home, and even on ones with the top working components, it’s constantly a smart thought to expel sheets and slipcovers before shutting the unit. That way, it won’t cause the arrangement on various components to move.

Bi-Fold or Tri-Fold

Many people think that a three-fold sofa bed would be the best choice, but the opposite is the case. The tri-fold option is not as comfortable as the bi-fold since it has more folds, thus not allowing a thicker couch cushion. In addition, it is also a bit difficult to set up a tri-fold. So what we reckon is the best will be a bi-fold sofa.

Another Factor To Consider: Mattress

The main reason why many people don’t like sleeper sofas is that they can easily feel the support bars within the sofa bed mattress, which is uncomfortable and quite difficult to accept. A good mattress will greatly improve your sleeping experience, like Intex Inflatable 2-In-1 Pull-Out Sofa Bed and Queen Air Mattress Futon, Light Gray. So how can we avoid this? The most effective way is to take a test of the mattress in a physical shop first. The most common types of mattresses contain inner-spring, foams, and inflatables.



The price of a foam sofa bed can range from a few tens of dollars for the basic models to the memory foam model which a lot of times costs more than 1,000 dollars. The most competitive models are the basic ones because they are affordable. They are not the most comfortable, but they have a quite long lifespan and are therefore the top choice for many less well-to-do families. If you are rich enough and want to buy a better quality sofa bed mattress, the more expensive memory foam sofa bed mattress will be your better choice.


Innerspring mattresses are not often more expensive than base foam mattresses, but for some people, they are more comfortable than the latter. However, it should be noted that the innerspring mattress must be rotated on a regular basis. Only in this way will it have a long lifespan. Its only downside may be that it is not space-saving, so you must find a big place to receive it.


The inflatable sleeper sofa is actually a couch bed version of an inflatable mattress. They are not suitable for frequent daily use since they won’t last long. But if there are some guests in your house, it will be a very good choice to buy an inflatable sofa bed which is very easy to receive—you only need to let the air out, then they will not occupy a lot of space.

Test It

It’s always a smart thought to test a sofa bed before you buy it. Take a stab at opening and shutting it to perceive how it feels. It should be anything but difficult to work, and you don’t need to strain to open it. Open it and sit to perceive how the sleeping pad feels.

Measure It

Continuously ensure that you measure your sofa bed before you focus on buying. Try not to disregard to discover what the dimensions will be the point at which it’s opened as far as possible. Think that it needs as much room as a bed or more when completely opened. If you want to put any household items before it, be certain they are lightweight and very simple to move. Read my guide about choosing a sleeper sofa for heavy person.

How Much The Price is Fair?

The price of a sleeper sofa depends mainly on the upholstery fabric that you choose. Unfortunately, however, the high-priced fabric does not necessarily mean that the sofa bed mattress is of good quality. For example, large retailers like Ashley Furniture can reduce the price of popular fabrics by large scale production, while more expensive upholstery fabrics may result in higher costs due to lower production, thus resulting in its high price with mid-low quality. In addition, some commercial-grade upholstery fabrics (such as those who are used in malls and supermarkets) may be tough yet cheap, while those who are very expensive may be fabulous.